This project contains elements of classical sculpture and also elements of action. The possibilites of the internet and e-mail are an important part of the project. As authoress of this project I take over, together with Trudi Fill from Auckland, the part of the organisation. It is importand to me, that the whole action is going to be documented in pictures which are going to be published in the internet. At the end, only one half of the Object will be visible in the reality. The other half of it will only be visible during the journey. Because of these facts, the “translation” into virtual reality is essential for the non limited existence in the digital universe. For a short moment perception and reality will be the same.

Transportation from Switzerland, end of march,
transportaition duration to Auckland 6 - 8 weeks
EGL Eagle Global Logistics, Basel,
Konni Mendelin
Matthias Meyer

Customs clearance and storage in New Zealand
Exhibition in Auckland and Napier
EGL Eagle Global Logistics, Wellington
Trudi Fill, Auckland
Kevin Molen
Trudi Fill

Transport Auckland to Napier Mainfreight Limited Trudi Fill
Transport Napier to Chatham Islands - cancelled Leslie Shipping Trudi Fill / Kurt Schmidli

Transport Napier to the spot
in the Ocean as close as possible
P&O Nedlloyd REMUERA

René Stier / Kurt Schmidli

Arrival in Auckland, unloading, storage, reloading
for the transport from Auckland to Napier
Trudi Fill, Kevin Molen Trudi Fill

Arrival in Napier, unloading, storage, reloading
for the transport from Napier to Chatham Islands
Kurt Schmidli Trudi Fill

Documentation of the transport from Napier
as close as possible to the spot and dumping at
November 18th 2003
Kurt Schmidli, René Stier Kurt Schmidli, René Stier