End of April 2003:
he exhibition in Königsfelden will not be realised as planned because of budget reasons. It is therefore postponed for indefinite time.

A substantial component of this project is the rolling planning. The new location and the new date for the beginning of the exhibition for the northern sphere object, which will stop the journey of the southern sphere object at the same time, is the event of culture in Aarau.

New data: 18. October 2003
New place: Aarau, Aargau, Switzerland

Longitude: 8° 2' 44,3" E
Latitude: 47° 23' 40,0" N

Organisation: Kunstraum Aarau, Switzerland

The concequence for the southern sphere object is a small change of the position (approximately 16 km further northeast) in the Pacific Ocean and that there is more time left to find someone to bring the sphere object to the defined spot.

The southern sphere object was presented at the Viaduct Harbour in Auckland until the end of May 2003. Right now it moved to Napier where it will be exhibited as well at different places. Then it will continue its journey to its new destiny.

Further informationabout the project can be found in the concept under scenario 2.

New place: Pacific Ocean, New Zealand

Longitude: 171° 57' 15,7" W
Latitude: 47° 23' 40,0" S