A substantial component of this project is the rolling planning with the clearly defined spot in the Pacific Ocean L: 171° 57’ 15,7” W and B: 47° 23’ 40,0” S and the clearly defined end of the action at October 18th 2003. The goal of the project is, to reach the put goal and to thus create this real and fictional sculpture.

The temporal border will however possibly contribute the spatial terminator point. If the ball sculpture should not have reached yet the defined spot in the Pacific Ocean October 18th 2003, it is to receive their definite location, where it is on October 18th 2003 straight. This could be in Auckland, Napier, Wellington or the Chatham Islands, a group of islands about 1000 km southeast from Wellington, still about 800 km far away from the defined location.

The basic concept is developed on the marking of two places which are in exact opposition to each other by the two ball objects and their transportation cubes which are building a real and fictional sculpture.

In case the second ball object gets stuck at October 18th, the direct connecting line through the centre of the earth shall be fulfilled as follows:

After the end of the exhibition in Aarau, the ball object with the red transportation cube here on Northern Hemisphere would be moved to that place, which is in exact opposition to the place the ball object on the Southern Hemisphere got stuck at October 18th 2003. Depending upon the situation this would be somewhere in France or Spain.

In case the ball object is really going to be stuck in New Zealand at October 18th 2003, there is a place in Auckland and another place on the Chatham Islands where it could stay.

3 days before the vernissage in Aarau, someone explained himself ready to dare the attempt of a placement of the southern sphere object into the Pacific Ocean as close as possible to the defined spot. Therefore the time frame will be extended, since this offers one chance and a unique opportunity, to place the sphere object on the southern hemisphere in such a way that the antipode on the northern hemisphere can be within Switzerland.