For a long time the form of the ball has been an important part of my artwork. This will not be surprising since we are living on one. For quite a long time nobody has claimed, that the earth is flat. The earth is a ball and this is generally accepted. We learn that our earth is not the centre of the solar system, but like a grain of sand in the universe. All facts no one would deny. – Nevertheless, one thing seems to be difficult – the perception itself. For us, it is very difficult to really perceive the earth as a ball while we are standing on it. The ball we live on it is in fact not perceivable. But we are able to grasp and perceive a ball as an object.
As a matter of fact the earth is not a disk but a ball therefore some questions are essential. What and who is on the other side and why does nothing fall off?

Physics has found the answer but it is not easy to comprehend. Travelreports and drawings, mixtures of imagination and reality (Leonardo) helped to get a picture of this ball.

The gradation of the ball in longitude and latitude made it possible, to get a detailed picture of the World and with today's techniques we can even have a look on the earth from outside.

But even all the answers, reasons and pictures don't help our perception to coinside with reality. The good part of it is, that something magic still remains.