Two balls made of fence wire are going to be made by cutting and rolling up the material (Pict.2). Diameter 127,32 cm (diameter of the earth: 12732 km). Both balls are going to be packed in a cubebox of wood 130 x 130 130 cm. Cube 1 will be painted in red, cube 2, complementary to cube 1, will be painted in green. On the one hand the two boxes are transportboxes, on the other hand they build the counterpart in form of cubes to the two balls. Their colors red/green are complementary to each other.

Red Box 1 with ball 1
are going to be transported to the place of the exhibition in Switzerland.
L: 8° 2‘ 44,3 " East B: 47° 23‘ 40,0 " Nord
The ball is not going to be fixed. It will be movable.
The box shall stay exactly at the place where it will be set.

Green box2 with ball 2
will be transported to New Zealand. From there the transport continues by ship to the position in the water.
L: 171° 57‘ 15,7 " West B: 47° 23‘ 40,0 " South
At exactly this position, which is opposite to the place of the northern hemisphere of the globe, the ball and the cube separatly are given over to the sea.

The ball, epitome of movement, is because of its material and permeability (rolled fencewire) to going to sink to the bottom of the sea and will mark the opposite position to ball 1.

The box, the cube, epitome of static, is because of its materiality and solidity (green painted wood), going to swim away.
An inversion will arise – the static will become movable, the motion will become statical.

This inversion in space and the intellectual connection of the two positions, which are lead through the centre of the earth and are marked by the two balls, will create an intellectual an real sculpture at the same time.

"Gegenfüssler" antipodes, live in opposite position on earth. The fact, that close to the mentioned position a small group of islands is called Antipodes Island, makes clear which view of life and culture is meant. The fact, that this islands are uninhabited is quite remarkable.
A further definition of the word means an artist of a circus, who is lying on his back balancing an object or a partner on his sole of the feet.